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Originally Posted by eightblack View Post
To be honest, I find this post somewhat personally offensive. I don't think I have ever intentionally censored anyone on this board in the 18-months or so I have volunteered as a Mod - if that's the implication. Am I loyal customer of EK? You bet. Does that influence how I perceive the brand to be. Of course. Should that influence how I moderate this particular forum? No, but we are all human and sometimes mistakes are made.

I'd like to think that the board does have a decent balance of opinion and that members and guests can see both the good, bad and ugly of all things EK related.
Now lets not get all melodramatic... I do see eightblack's point in sfo saying it should not be subject to censorship (no offense sfo, but you where kind of implying that the forum is censored). Now I do agree with sfo that the forum is not officially run buy Emirates so it should not be censored like my internet at home (stupid Dubai proxy...). In defense of eightblack obviously EK does care about the forum and eightblack or we would have not had such a great time at the Dubai DO 2011.

Everyone is subject to there own opinion (unless your are based in a certain countries, then your screwed) and I believe public forums are great places to share those.

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