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Originally Posted by pjm1300 View Post

These forum sometime confuse me. Isn't the point of a forum a place to come and talk about any issue (as long as its EK related in this case....) whether good or bad?

Last time I checked forums are a place of free speech and should not be "Censored" unless someone is going completely apeS&*! (not this case at all).

If I am missing something than I might as well not even post any longer or ever "lurk" for that matter because some person some place may not agree with my opinions or in this case EGF's thread title.

Maybe I should host a OCCUPYflyertalk party in DXB. Anyone Interested?


You have a very valid point. I'd hate to think that any member of the EK community couldn't come here and post what they wanted - as long as it was about EK and as long as there was some benefit to the wider community.

Each forum on FT has its own style. The BA board is a very different place to hang out on as opposed to the United board. Personally, I think we're still finding our feet.

I like the fact that a lot of us know each other (ie from the Dubai Do). And I will absolutely accept the fact that I am often labelled as an "EK loyalist" and perhaps a little over protective of the brand.

I think the challenge for all of us (and my major source of frustration) is how we actually get EK to interact with us (as BA and UA do with their respective forums).

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