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Sector: BKK - DXB A380

Class: F

Seat: 2A

Config: Suite

Status: Revenue

When (don't mention day of the flight pls): Week 25 OCT 2011

Full flight from BKK this evening. Was traveling from HAN and only wanted a good nights rest. 2 Hours in, lights started flashing, seat started to move from BED position to take off position, headphone volume went to MAX. Once I forced the doors open of the suite and found a FA (they where all sitting in the galley eating Godiva Chocolates) they where not even phased. They said "we had to reset the entire system because of 2 PAX in Y screens where not working, didn't some come tell you your seat will move and the lights will come one for 20 minutes or so?" NO!!!!! What the F&^!!! I mentioned that now everyone in F was PISSED (it looked like a OCCUPYEK in the F cabin, people where PISSED OFF!!!)

Even if I was sleeping and you know my seat is going to fold me up like a taco and all the lights are going to come on at 100% than WAKE ME UP!

Very stupid flight crew to be honest, seemed like they where first day on the job...
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