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Sector: DME - DXB Flight EK 132

Class: F

Seat: 1A

Config: Skycruiser

Status: Revenue

When (don't mention day of the flight pls): Week 1 DEC 2011

Rev paxs originally in F 2.

Result on take off is FULL flight. Crew berserk perhaps they never expected a full cabin this although its their job??? Plus this is a very high demanding & high yielding sector for EK. P.S the purser knows me well. Has flown SFO & LAX with me in last 7 months.

My seat BROKE after entering cruise mode. Was Reset 7 times. No result. Flight chocoblock.

Never slept on this flight although the only aim of taking this flight was to be able to sleep in the Suites because that is what EK runs on this flight usually however change of aircraft is acceptable but a broken seat with an OPUP full flight in F for a full revenue F pax is NOT acceptable.


I have been compensated WELL already but still this does not justify the EK policy of filling up premium cabins with OPUP's without making sure that REVENUE paxs get their full. This hurts & will hurt their premium business for sure.

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