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Originally Posted by Raffles View Post
There is no UK restriction on transfers. I have happily moved from EuroCheat BA ac to UK Avios account. If the transfer fails it is because Avios does not have your DOB or it has one which does not match your BAEC account. DOB is the key security match. Annoyingly, though, you cannot see your DOB on the Avios site, you need to call. And they need a passport copy to change it if incorrect.

Or, of course, your Avios ac is a HHA. No restriction on BA HHA, I think.
Thanks for the suggestion. it was not DOB (I can't see where Avios has a space for that) but non-matching e-mail addresses which was the problem. It seems that if they match it does not matter that the addresses are in different countries. How very odd !
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