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Originally Posted by xmassheep View Post
A bit of a cheeky request I'm afraid - as I mentioned in my earlier post I'll be transiting LAX on Sun 18th Dec and have a 3h30 stopover (1915-2245) to change from NZ1 to NZ19.

Are any *G FTers transiting LAX on the same day who would be happy to guest me into the Koru Club? I quite understand if no-one is willing to but if you are I would be extremely grateful Not only would the shower be hugely appreciated, but due to a spate of head injuries I've been a little under the weather recently and the prospect of a bit of chill out time and space in the lounge after the stress of transit would be extremely welcome.

Very excited about my holiday now as due to the aforementioned injuries and huge problems they caused for a while I was convinced I would be cancelling everything and claiming on the insurance - luckily I am now well enough to go so am frantically trying to get back into holiday planning mode
Sorry, I can't help you with your lounge access request (if you were travelling 5 days later I could have ) but I suggest you add your itinerary to the NZ itinerary thread (and of course have a look through there to see if someone already has posted compatible flights. Or I believe there's a general FT itineraries thread (ie not specific to AirNZ) somewhere.

Good luck, and enjoy your trip
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