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Originally Posted by snace View Post
I have a question, and I am sure that there is no hope for my situation, but I am going to ask anyways.

This year, I did not fly as much as I originally planned. Normally, for over the past five years, I have easily qualified for elite (instant in most cases). This year, the majority of my flying was to take place in the last quarter. My last two planned flight plans have been cancelled and I am stuck. I don't really have time for an expensive mileage run, but I will consider my options.

As of now I have 20k status miles. My concern is that I may not have the opportunity to get another RT in this year and won't be able to aim for prestige either.

That being said, I do have a lot of flying booked in January and February. If I add a small mileage run, I should qualify for elite. I know that the 2012 qualifying period is from Jan 1 to Dec. 31, but if I did get these miles by the end of Feb. 2012, I am wondering if I would be instantly upped to elite as I would currently 'have status'?

I doubt that would be the case but some other expert opinions telling me I have no chance would be appreciated.
5k MR for *P, hmm. And 15k for *E is a quite a bit, too.

If you do earn status this year for 2012, it will come into effect March 1, 2012 and last until Feb 2013. If you do a lot of flying early in 2012 you can earn early recognition in 2012 (beginning March 2012) for the 2013 period that ends in 2014. My point, you'll get more mileage for your money by going crazy next year (i.e. *E for 21 months) as opposed to sweating it this year. Keep in mind, if you do a lot of short haul, with no status you won't get the 500-mile minimum, and there is no instant Prestige.
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