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Most Thrifty locations are in underground parking garages in major cities, just a heads up for your next travels. Since you had the address, why didn't you check with the actual building? Toronto also has a whack of thrifty locations in the vicinity, Eaton Centre and Union Station are two that are only a 5 minute drive from the Front St. location. Most of us Torontonians are very friendly and would be happy to look something up for a tourist if you stop and ask next time.

Regarding your situation, personally I don't think you should be reimbursed. They're not obligated to get you to your destination, just make sure you have a reservations there. I'd probably just chock the cab fare to car rental tuition, lesson learned for next time.

(FYI, YYZ downtown should have only been $50, I think. Did you do flat rate or meter?)
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