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I've been reading old posts in the forum but just wanted to clarify a few things:

1. In general, for a MFU from WT+ to J, as long as U class is available, the upgrade will clear, correct?

2. If I book WT+ T Class from say SEA-LHR-CDG on, and there is U availability on both legs, but I only want to upgrade the SEA-LHR leg, can I do that (in order to save the mileage difference of 4,500 between LHR and CDG?)

3. If I travel SEA-LHR, and am booked in WT+, the initial ADP fee I pay is 60 pounds. If I upgrade with miles, will there be any other fees? Specifically will I now be charged the full 120 pounds ADP when I complete my upgrade?

4. How often does BA have significant WT+ sales? I notice right now I can book WT+ from YVR-LHR in February-April 2012 for around $1600 (and Seattle-LHR for around $1400). Does it ever come much below that?

Although you are correct on the first point, easiest way to check availability is to use reward search engine to find CW availability. It is this that MFU relies on - MFU is no different to other rewards.

On your other points, it is easier to use the book and upgrade option, which permits one-ways. Normally that will show correct price and it will be a hundred or so more than WTP price due to increased fees and taxes. These cannot be avoided and will be charged if you book WTP and subsequently upgrade.

Occasionally book and up (like a lot of has a wobbly and misses a lower priced fare , perhaps a sale fare. Provided these are not marked with a big D, they are eligible for MFU. If the price looks wrong, based on WTP base fare, it may be best to call, or book WTP first then upgrade.
When you say marked with a big D, what do you mean?
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