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Originally Posted by highlander88 View Post
3. If I travel SEA-LHR, and am booked in WT+, the initial ADP fee I pay is 60 pounds. If I upgrade with miles, will there be any other fees? Specifically will I now be charged the full 120 pounds ADP when I complete my upgrade?
Do you mean APD, which would apply to flights departing the UK, not the SEA-LHR leg? The APD has one rate for the "lowest class" and double that for all other classes, so CW and WTP have the same APD - normally there is no difference in charges between the two, but in principle if the taxes were different you'd have to pay the CW taxes if you upgraded.

There's also a special rule for the APD to try to make sure pax in a business-class only services are treated as though there were a lower class on the plane.

If you don't like APD, you just don't understand the basic tenet of Gordon Brown's office: "if there's money moving around, some of it must be mine". Or theft, as you would call it in America.
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