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MFU question

I've been reading old posts in the forum but just wanted to clarify a few things:

1. In general, for a MFU from WT+ to J, as long as U class is available, the upgrade will clear, correct?

2. If I book WT+ T Class from say SEA-LHR-CDG on, and there is U availability on both legs, but I only want to upgrade the SEA-LHR leg, can I do that (in order to save the mileage difference of 4,500 between LHR and CDG?)

3. If I travel SEA-LHR, and am booked in WT+, the initial ADP fee I pay is 60 pounds. If I upgrade with miles, will there be any other fees? Specifically will I now be charged the full 120 pounds ADP when I complete my upgrade?

4. How often does BA have significant WT+ sales? I notice right now I can book WT+ from YVR-LHR in February-April 2012 for around $1600 (and Seattle-LHR for around $1400). Does it ever come much below that?

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