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Originally Posted by Maji View Post
I am not saying it is not doable, but it makes me nervous. The typical travel time from KIX to ITM on the limo bus is about 90 minutes. So, out of 3hrs 45min, the OP now has 2hrs 15min left. I believe KIX does not have the pressure of NRT, and the customs/immigration is faster. However, one has to account for a minimum of 30 minutes for that effect. Also, he should be in the ITM check-in bout 30 minutes before flight time. So, that leaves 1 hour 15 mins buffer. Any delays will make this connection hairy. My suggestion is ksandness's recommendation... to take the train, if possible.

Good luck.
There is a "legal" connection time between Kansai and Itami and it is less than 4 hours (3 hours from memory) so ANA will just put you on a later flight if by chance your flight into Kansai is late. By 10.30am the bus will take no more than 50 minutes to Itami anyway so on the list of things to worry about this would be low.
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