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Originally Posted by psyflyer View Post
We are off to south america (EZE/PDP) and my better half, seconds after me ticketing with the AAgent uttered, my passport is full. Except for the pages 22-24 which are for endorsements and they are fully blank. Upon closer inspection her passport does have some space in certain pages but wanted to ask if it is enough. For example page 8 has about 1.25 inches from the top of the page blank (In other words the page is fully stamped except for the top 1.25 inch part of the page which is blank). Another page has a 1.5 inch empty square which can be used for a stamp. Is this enough stamps-wise for a quick trip to EZE and PDP?
Ordinary US passports being used for entry into Argentina at EZE involve a full page sticker that comes with payment of the visa reciprocity fee; then there is entry (and later exit) stamp for Argentina. Uruguay will also give entry and exit stamps.

While what you note above may be enough for stamps (not of the affixed paper variety) for Argentina and Uruguay, the first issue to arise will be whether or not it is enough for the visa reciprocity sticker. Some of those applying the sticker were trained not to apply the reciprocity sticker to the amendment/endorsement pages, but have done so anyway as long as it has not covered up something else. They were also trained not to place the reciprocity stickers over a page that has any stamps on it, but it has happened too, even as it's not and probably only occurred because the stamp seemed to be faded so much that the person affixing the reciprocity payment sticker (a full page sticker at that) may have not noticed them.

If your trip is on a US passport for US-EZE-Uruguay-Argentina-US, that often involved 6 non-US stamps + the full-page visa reciprocity fee payment sticker. It sounds like someone doesn't think there may be room for that, and so then go for additional pages or a new passport book (of the larger page variety). Even on most non-US passports, that's at least 6 stamps for entry/exist.

When it comes to visa waiver/visa-on-arrival type of arrangements for my entry, the only times I have had "problems" with regard to room for stamp placement in my passports related to "no place" to stamp has been when I have had pages available in my passports but the passport control clerk's repeated flipping through my passports left them seeing full page after pull page but not any of the blank pages which actually are in my passports. These government employees don't appreciate my mentioning that there actually are blank pages in my passport still and can get annoyed if not confirming their statement. [A few passport control persons who do remember having brought up the issue with me before even have the amusing audacity to later mention that I got additional pages added, even when there had been no such situation for me and my passport between our previous encounter and the current encounter. That their ability to effectively refuse me entry is limited to non-existent makes the situation all the more endearing.]
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