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most of this is probably wrong, dont remember where i got it >
Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
but this should be right, i remember source articles >
Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
2000 - revenue $61MM ebit $30MM (ebit per room = $75K, vs $4K for FS)
1999 - revenue $50MM edit $15MM [ebit per room = $41K, vs $5.5K for FS]
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Not sure how they manage to do it in the current market(possibly the very high rates and very dedicated following), but their economics are terrific. I know someone who has access to their balance sheet and let's just say this person is laughing all the way to the bank.

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pages 179>189 include aman finances
1 lac/lakh inr = 100K inr = $2K

substantial rounding >

losses (seem huge ) incl >
$6mm - Bhutan Resorts Private Limited
$4mm - Societe Nouvelle de L'Hotel Bora Bora
$2mm - Tangalle Property (Private) Limted
$1mm - P.T.Jawa Express Amanda Indah (Amanjiwo) - {as per IFRS)
$1mm - Jackson Hole Holdings Limitd
$1mm - NOH (Hotel) Private Limited [amanwella]

profits incl >
$1mm - Marrakech Investments Limitd

i posted the report on amanzoe/residences (and parent development) in aman thread

source i remember for 1999 >
Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
1999 Amanresorts' sales $50 million. Operating profits $15 million occupancy 50%
(the five Amanresorts in troubled Indonesia dragged the chain down from its usual 65% occupancy)
$41,000 annual operating profit per room 365 rooms in 1999
16 times earnings, Amanresorts is worth $240 million. $590,000 a room.

Four Seasons 11,088 rooms operating profit per room $5,500 1999
market values it at $162,500 a room
aman net is same as everyone else due to debt
net profit according to lee hing when they acquired
1998 $3.4mm
1999 $5.8mm
2000 $7.0mm (estimated)

+ lee hing (net >)
2001-2004 "loss making"
2005 $8.5mm loss
2006 $14.9mm loss
1995 $39mm sales $1.9mm promotional/marketing
2006 $86mm sales $3.0mm promotional/marketing

quote margin

DLF 2007 ? 2008-2010 "outflow" 2011 "flow" 2012 "outflow"

beginning of DLF disposal >
sep 2009
apr 2010
may 2010 official

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