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Several misconceptions seem to come up in these threads repeatedly.

1. Number 3 jumping ahead of number 1 probably does not happen frequently because it requires that both 1 and 3 are the same elite status and have tickets bought from the same fare bucket. Further, it requires that number three bought the ticket before number 1 and number 1 checked in before number 3.

2. Someone being upgraded before number 1 on the list is common. The persons getting the upgrade were never on the gate upgrade list as their upgrade occurred before or simultaneous with the check in. Using miles or money, or simply because of a higher status during an EUA run after T-24.

3. United transparency? You can't see the list, only that your upgrade is pending. You can check for upgrade bucket availability, and if you are inside the upgrade window know that you will be upgraded. You never see your position on the list. At T-24, it is the same as CO. Channa's posts seem more accurate than most in describing a kludge of bandaids designed to support an overly complex revenue management process.

4. The revenue management process has the YBM upgrade feature that reduces the chance of an upgrade for higher tiers. This is probably the underlying driver (plus the failure of the EUA software to work reliably in recent months) of the dissatisfaction of PMUA flyers who have not been exposed to this. I believe that YBM upgrades are a feature in the combined company.
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