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Originally Posted by jasonvr View Post
So, for this mornings flight where I was A51.

A48 - A-List
A50 - A-List
A54 - Not A-List

So it seems that for that flight I was in the A-List grouping, but at the VERY tail end of it. My WN flying has been way down this year and I won't make A-List again next year. I have always speculated that the amount of recent flight activity somehow influenced where in the A-List grouping you were. When I was doing an RT every week, my numbers seemed to get progressively better, even on the exact same flights each week.

What's annoying is that now as B-5, I am technically after families even though I am A-List. I probably don't really have to worry since I only have a computer bag and the route is heavily business so not likely to have lots of families, but still....
I have advocated, to absolutely no effect, that all A-list and (possibly) EBCI should be cleared onto the plane before any family boarding. If you are on any flight to/from Florida or even getting there eventually, this is a significant situation.
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