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Originally Posted by thadocta View Post
Sure, Qantas states that QP allows access to BA Terraces and Executive Club Lounges, but a relatively uninformed traveller buying QP membership may not know the difference, and perhaps there is an onus on QF to inform purchasers as to exactly how limited their BA options are.
Particularly as "Terraces and Executive Club lounges" used to include all (or virtually all) of BA's business class lounges.

AIUI, the qualification was really intended to exclude first class lounges and the Concorde Rooms (in the same way that the express reference to Admirals Clubs meant that Flagship Lounges were excluded).

So even a relatively well-informed passenger could be forgiven for thinking that the qualification continues to mean "BA business class lounges", rather than the small and shrinking subset that happen still to be known as "Terraces" or "Executive Club" lounges.
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