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Originally Posted by danger View Post
I don't suppose you could post a scan of this section?
Sorry - not easily as I am travelling in the US at present.

I should state that I am currently in the UK a lot of the time (and thus have a vested intertest in QC access to any BA lounge, T5 or otherwise).

I have enjoyed access without quibble since T5 opened, the last being August 2011, and all of course on BA metal.

I was however denied access in Geneva (which is now a "Galleries" lounge), but the explanation had nothing to do with the lounge description , but a claim that it was because my QC membership was a "paid for" card. I thought it was simply a case of confusion between the Bronze coloured QFF card and the Bronze QC card, and then I was told - wait for it - that the only exception was for QC card holders with Life Membership!!

There is a certain irony in that the BA link that Qantas try and point you at for the BA lounge locations shows LGW as having a Galleries Lounge when in fact it is still a Terraces Lounge. I know this as I was there a few days ago en route to the USA. No problem with my QC card for access, although there may have been some extenuating circumstances.

(1) I was on a BA WT+ tkt so not absolutely bottom of the class
(2) I'm also BA Blue and they want to tempt me away from QF
(3) LGW isn't T5
(4) They needed people to improve the Adult/Child ratio and make it look more like it's a business lounge and less like a creche. (It's holiday time in the UK and several of the BA LGW flights are to Florida aka Disney!)

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