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Originally Posted by Globaliser View Post
Of course, we shouldn't forget that this may not be a QFFF problem. We don't know who initiated any change, nor for what reasons.
I tried to enter the T5 lounge using my Qantas Club card on 9th October and was told it was the last day BA would allow it. When I asked why, the guy on the desk said that "Qantas doesn't want to pay for it anymore". He then went onto explain that "Qantas now only wants to pay for lounge access for its passengers flying on its own planes out of T3."

I am more than annoyed about this. I renewed my QC membership in September and specifically mentioned to the woman over the phone that i was doing a lot of travel on BA out of London in the coming months and that I wanted the card delivered quickly in order to be able to use the lounges. At no time did she say that the card would no longer be of use in London. Indeed, she said she would send it as fast as possible precisely so that i could use it.

This, together with the apparent halving of QF services out of London, will cause me to open a BA account and I can't see myself flying QF on my long-haul trips from London to Australia ever again. The prospect of lifetime Gold was the only thing keeping me flying QF, but this unannounced change has sent me over the edge. Vale Qantas.
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