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Originally Posted by fti View Post
DL has more "blackout dates" if you consider that they just set availability to zero. Same difference but they can tout "NO BLACKOUT DATES."

And I wonder what percentage of DL flights are at 0 seats available for all 331 days out in either class of service for low awards. Now THAT would be a good statistic to have.

That, and also what % of flights are WHITE-OUT'ed, which means, available for revenue sale, but not available for awards at even high mileage. From my experience, seems to be that some 5-15% of flights are white-out'ed. Which is the same as black out dates, it just is not published and apperas as white in the award calendar: for example, three daily flights, all available for revenue, but for award for 2, sometimes even 3 consecutive weeks, not a single seat at any mileage level available. If that is not black (sorry, white) out dates, I don't know what is.

Just Dullta is being its usual sleazy and underhanded about it, and is lying no blackout dates, when it clearly has some -- it just does not publish them.
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