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Originally Posted by Traveloguy View Post
I'm actually shocked to see what is being posted in this thread.

Firstly, I know of several friends who are still using a QF Club card to access BA J lounges in T5. No changes have recently taken place that I am aware of, so I am surprised by a number of posts in this thread.

This is very obviously a case of a BA agent not knowing their arse from their elbow. Suggest the OP contact QF customer relations and report the issue to help ensure it does not happen again. All this conjecture about things that are not true are probably just making the OP dizzy rather than pointing out the more likely cause. If the OP went to a BA J lounge (travelling on a BA or QF code) and handed over their QF Club card, they are of course entitled to access it.
Indeed. I am not aware of any change to the rules ; admitedly since T5 is BA only , I inadvertantly forgot to allow for potential that the OP was on a codeshare flight and could be denied based on that

I would check with QFF but as long as

on BA or QF flight number
trying to access busines lounge ( not 1st class lounge or Concorde Room )

Qantas Club membership should afford access
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