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Originally Posted by cityflyer369 View Post
I would agree with you if the tax and duty on the fuel were high enough to achieve a market balance that resulted in an amount of fuel consumption that the planet could bear. Obviously, this is not the case, at least not at the moment. This is where IMHO individual responsibility has to step in.

[More generally speaking, as a side note, I find it highly questionable an approach to shift your individual resonsibility on to the government here. For two pretty basic reasons:
1. One of the core ideas of a democracy is that governments are never perfect. Government is work in progress and in constant need of criticism and improvement. So when a particular outcome has not been achieved by the government (yet), this does not imply that there is nothing one could or should do as an individual to improve things.
2. Not everything that is legal is also responsible behaviour. (Obviously, it is legal to steal your best mate's girlfriend, but would you consider this a responsible way of acting? Would you blame the government for not having prevented your best mate from stealing your girlfriend?)]

I would like to know who's decided that global warming is a fact. It's a theory. But governments are using it as an excuse to charge taxes on fuel, emissions etc. I'm not saying it's not happening, but I just don't think humans have as much impact as some people think.
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