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Originally Posted by zerafa View Post

If you believe in carbon offsets, you have not really looked into what is being purchased

if you believe that this person taking an otherwise vacant seat (discounted) for a mileage run, is adding to CO2

If you are a frequent traveller, and are truly concerned about CO2

1. Regarding the first point: obviously, not all carbon-offsetting schemes make sense. IMHO, complying with the CDM Gold Standard is a good start for a carbon off-setting scheme. While this might not be perfect, it is better than not doing anything about it.

2. Xandrios has already addressed the second point. Moreover, the fuel consumption of a plane depends also on the actual weight of the plane. So even if you are flying in a seat that would have been empty otherwise, you are contributing to burning fuel.

3. Regarding the third point: obviously, not flying at all would be better than flying. But if you cannot get around flying, then carbon offsetting is a resonsible way of dealing with the situation. I fail to see what "does not add up" here. Things would "not add up" if I knew about the environmental problems of my flying and did not do anything about it.
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