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Originally Posted by MauiTigerShark View Post
1) Would I be right in thinking that the codes on EF (when searching for a flight) are in decreasing order of cost ie. O & Q are cheaper than S?
Generally, but not always.

2) If I'm right in point 1 why would EF show availability in Q while only offers S?
ExpertFlyer 101 - you should read the FAQ/help there. Because there is no published S fare on your routing valid for your itinerary. Not only does there have to be a published S fare, but you have to meet the advance purchase, minimum stay, day-of-week and any other requirements of the fare in order to book it. You can look at the available fares on Expertflyer. If you uncheck the validate box it will show you all fares for your travel dates and you can see if there is a cheaper fare class coming up, but then you'll have to read and process the rules to understand why is not pricing that fare for your itinerary.

3) How can I tell if a bucket shows zero availability because inventory hasn't been released as opposed to AA having released all their inventory but it's subsequently been sold?
You can't, and it doesn't matter. Inventory comes and goes like the wind depending on what the monkeys do. You can set EF alerts to monitor a specific booking class if you know there's a cheaper published fare. I've definitely saved money by doing this. But it can be risky too because the cheaper inventory may never come back and/or they may pull the lower fare depending on how the flight sells, among other things. Works best many months out when a flight looks empty but they're only selling higher fare classes.
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