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Originally Posted by MauiTigerShark View Post
I' looking to book a flight to Maui in March and am just getting to grips with EF and ow AA's fare buckets work so forgive me if some or all of these questions are silly.

1) Would I be right in thinking that the codes on EF (when searching for a flight) are in decreasing order of cost ie. O & Q are cheaper than S?

2) If I'm right in point 1 why would EF show availability in Q while only offers S? If I'm wrong then clearly this question is void.

3) How can I tell if a bucket shows zero availability because inventory hasn't been released as opposed to AA having released all their inventory but it's subsequently been sold? (Clearly if I'm looking a few weeks out it's probably safer to assume that inventory is sold out but what if I'm looking 5 months out?)

Thanks in advance for any help.
1 - Yes

2 - That shouldnt be the case. If Q shows availability, it should show on for sale. If it doesn't, that could mean that it was sold or the availability was adjusted during the time it took you to look at EF and then look at This is entirely possible.

3 - You can't. Inventory closings are made for numerous reasons. Looking at EF will not give you any guidance as to why an inventory has closed. Selling all the available seats in the inventory is clearly the most common reason for an inventory closing though.
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