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Originally Posted by teddybw View Post
I have a couple TK flights on 12/30 and 12/31 this year and I plan to credit them to CO for EQM, but they will probably not post until the beginning of next year. If I understand correctly, starting 1/1/2012, only flight miles on UA/CO would count towards lifetime miles, even if I credit them to CO (I assume CO IT folks need to change the lifetime counter algorithm). I am concerned whether my EQM based on 2011 activity would count towards the lifetime counter when posting early 2012? I hope UA Insider to clarify this.
Hi teddybw, even though the miles from your trip on TK may not post until after the first of the year, they will be included in the recalculation since travel was in 2011.

Originally Posted by JDT1955 View Post
Thanks for the information. This sounds like quite a deal. I have 1.8 MM on CO, 1.1 MM on UA, but I've been flying UA since the 80's with lots of BC/FC on UA, along with LH, SQ, SK, TG, etc. So will all that be totaled up? How can I get an estimate of what this will be? Assuming this puts my total past 3MM (who knows, I may be pushing 4!) and that puts me at 1K for life, do the new rules mean 6 GPUs/yr for me in my declining years?? Thanks again.
Hi JDT1955, good questions. Your interpretation is actually correct. All 3 Million Milers in the new program will indeed receive 6 GPUs at the beginning of the year, unless they were already earned by flying 100K PQM/120 PQS. Similarly, 2 Million Milers will receive 2 RPUs each year, unless already earned by flying 75K PQM/90 PQS. I believe that the changes causing confusion are that the one-time gift of Systemwide Upgrades and the annual gift of Regional Upgrades that all Million Milers used to receive will be replaced with the spousal benefit. We will take a peek to see if we can clarify this a bit better on our website. As for getting an estimate of your re-calculated lifetime total, we’re working on the implementation for this, but, we’re not quite there yet. We will have more on this timeline in the coming month. Until then, thanks for your patience.

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