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Originally Posted by mre5765 View Post

And you will be given a bunch of BIS that you didnt have before that will make it easier for you to attain lifetime 0p.
I already have BIS million miler - Therefore your statement does not make any sense. If fact, your statement does not apply to any of us who have already reached that point. So, what will be made easier? Nothing!

Originally Posted by mre5765 View Post

You were not told that those upgrades would always be useful. You should be focusing on first principles. The new United doesnt have much NF.
I do not understand the logic of your statement. Whether or not someone is told upgrades will be useful is not the same as taking them away in total after your are told, in writing, that you will be given two such instruments each year. That should be the focus. Encouraging passengers to stay loyal based on undelivered promises is not good business ethics.

It boils down to basic business practices - you do something for us (buy tickets), and we will do something for you - reward your loyalty with upgrades. To simply take them away after having use of our money is no way "something we will like" says the new United's Smisek.

Originally Posted by GoingAway View Post

The threats of i'm not flying them anymore are bogus for the most part, or just irrelevant.

I did not write that I will not fly United anymore. I cannot imagine how you read that from my post.

I will, however, do whatever it takes to encourage United to keep the promises it made on its website that described the benefits of earning million mile status.

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