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Originally Posted by ozstamps View Post

Well I am assuming they are grandfathering in all pre-existing MM to Star Gold for Life, as we were told was for life when earned.

It does not matter that you were told you would get certain benefits for life when you earned million-mile status. The new management makes up new rules and you are stuck with the new rules, or so it seems at the moment.

The new United already has a current class action suit against it for taking away certain travel benefits from retirees even though they were promised these benefits while employed.

We million-milers were promised things that have been taken away. For example, we have been demoted from second place below 1K to third place, below 1K. Ignoring GS, we were told that we would maintain, for life, Premier Executive which is one step below 1K.

With the new United management, we are demoted below a new level that did not exist when we all stayed loyal to United and earned million mile status. This new level, added by the new United management, puts us in third place rather than in second place, elite wise. We could have been grandfather but apparently, the new United does not feel that the old United members deserve that benefit.

We were also told that we would get two CR-1s each year for life but that, too, has been taken away by the new United management.

Regardless that United boasts of increasing the some benefits, they fail to mention the demotion to many million milers.

In the United days when we could pick certain benefits (Elite Choice), the new United does not allow us to chose either the two CR-1s or a spousal benefit. Adding this "choice" benefit would lessen the impact of two demotions.

Many of us are widowed and have no spouse. Therefore, this new benefit is of no value to us. We get the shaft by not having an option of choosing the CR-1s, a benefit that was promised to us in order to stay loyal to United and earn million-mile status.

While some of the new changes have made some members happy, the promised changes that were in place that encouraged us to remain loyal to earn the million mile status have been breached.

Originally Posted by boeing747-400 View Post

It's all about L O Y A L T Y. We were loyal & UA needs to be loyal to their promised benefits of this status level. On their cocktail napkins now, it's printed:

"Planes change. Values don't. Your priorities will always be ours."

I hope you'll take time to write or email Smisek or MP, so they will offer us other options to fulfill their promises.
With the new United management (mostly Continental), loyalty to former United passengers is a foreign word. The United we now know is Continental with the name UNITED painted on its fuselage.

Writing to Smisek will yield nothing about your million mile status benefits.

Smisek gets so much e-mail that he farms it out for others to answer. Many of those who answer e-mail addressed to him do not even bother to read what you have written. Many of the responses are absolutely ridiculous. I, and several associates, know this first hand.

The rules for the million mile benefits are now set unless enough people go after the new management via a class action suit. Despite the fact that certain benefits were promised as an incentive for you to stay loyal to United in order to earn million mile status means nothing to the new United management. Only something as drastic as a class action will cause certain types to pay attention.

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