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Very well presented thoughts. "...things have tipped over the edge in terms of my making the extra effort and paying the extra dollars to fly United. And that's what loyalty programs are suppose do encourage. Findng the fine line where customers are willing go the extra little bit to fly your airline instead of the others." That's a very imp. point.....we made the extra effort with corporate travel dept.s to fly UA and paid the extra $'s to fly UA. Instead of flying other airlines, we were loyal in view of the lifetime benefits promised down the road. We did our part for LOYALTY and it's still the responsibility of UA to fulfill their promises, year after year.

We should be given the choice of CRU's or companion benefits. It's so hard to upgrade now since the merger doubled the pool of flyers they pull from, for upgrades. Then, if you add companions, you're doubling that pool again.

I was a 1K for 5 years in a row & reached almost 1.3M miles last month..........that's a lot of time, effort & extra $'s on fares to continue flying UA, rather than others. It's all about

It's all about L O Y A L T Y. We were loyal & UA needs to be loyal to their promised benefits of this status level. On their cocktail napkins now, it's printed:

"Planes change. Values don't. Your priorities will always be ours."

I hope you'll take time to write or email Smisek or MP, so they will offer us other options to fulfill their promises.

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