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Originally Posted by frankxinyu View Post
for a business this size, rolling out a programme without training your staff is not acceptable.

staff performance makes me believe this programme is simply deceiving.

so in my opinion, report away.

BTW, this is not the first time hotel chains or airlines have offered Lowest price guarantee. i have filed claims with other companies before and every single time they managed to beat the claim price.

just not with ICH
They are small headoffice with a few thousand branches (hotels) and each one has a number of departments. Not something easy to manage. Plus the BRGs seem to be outsourced.

I don't blame them for outsourcing. I don't think they could run such a program if they were paying employees $20+/hr + $5+/hr in overhead.

With each claim taking about 1 hour of manual work that is a lot of money per claim.
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