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Originally Posted by fr33b13 View Post
This looks good if you can spend $3k in 4 months and $100 + companion certificate is worth 25,000 points (comparing making 75,000 points on the other cards to the 50,000 points on this card).

How much would you guys rate 25,000 points to be?

saacman5033, are you a current Citi AAdvantage card holder? do you know how you got targeted for this offer?
For someone who uses AA miles for domestic coach awards, I'd say this offer looks superior to the 75k offers. The companion cert is comparable to the extra 25k in that case and the $100 makes the difference.

I value my points on the order of $0.015 ea so say $375 for 25k. This deal looks especially intriguing for residents of Hawaii and Alaska as the companion cert will be more valuable.

I am a current citi business card holder but have not been a personal cardholder since I cancelled my last 2 last month.
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