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It's taken me a few days to mentally regroup from my trip, but I wanted to thank everyone for their help.

Outbound from DC, screening was no problem. Since I was fresh, I was able to walk up to the X-ray, slip off the brace (against medical advice), and limp through the WMTD with no problems. The TSO asked me if I needed help getting back over to the X-Ray belt to retrieve the brace once it cleared.

Returning home from a midwestern city I'm not going to name but will NEVER return to, on the other hand, was a nightmare. My colleagues were stunned at the treatment I received.

I had to request a wheelchair because the gate was literally as far from the front door as possible. Upon entering the screening area, I was told to "get out of the chair, I see you have a cane. NOW." I wish I was making that up. The wheelchair pusher, bless the person's heart, told me NOT to do so and told the TSO to open a site gate and that she would park the chair at X spot and clear herself. The TSO then turned the wheelchair so that my back was to my belongings. At this point I loudly said "I have the right by your own procedures to keep eye contact with my belongings. I need to be able to see them." The response was "If you'd gotten out of the chair, it wouldn't have been a problem. You refused, so tough luck." Whiskey Tango...

The TSO screened my purse 4 times through the X-ray, including emptying the contents of my wallet. It was at this point I called loudly for the LEO nearby to please witness since I've already suffered from identity theft in the past. The LEO barely looked up. A 3-striper who appeared said something I couldn't make out to the LEO, and the LEO suddenly lost interest. The original TSO dumped the contents of my wallet into the bin despite my protests and sent them through.The screening was done with enough pressure and intentional squeezing of my knee to leave me in tears. Thank goodness I had a co-worker there as a witness who was also watching the whole thing, trying to keep an eye on my purse and its contents.

I refused to leave the checkpoint until I could check everything in the purse and recount money and cards. I asked for a comment card and was denied. After I finally departed the checkpoint humiliated, furious, and in pain, the wheelchair escort said "well, it was just 9/11. They have to be careful."

So, midwestern city, I've already written multiple complaints to the proper authorities describing my experience and why I will not be coming back. I also have alerted my cards and the credit bureaus in case of suspicious activity.
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