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Originally Posted by N1120A View Post
My apologies, though it wasn't because he is a TSA employee. It was because of his behavior.
Exactly. On the AA forum, we call AA employees DrAAgons when they are being jerks or idiots, or when they are power-tripping. We call them AAngels when they are particularly nice or helpful. Maybe we need a set of monikers for TSA employees to correctly flag them when their behavior is contrary to TSA policy or standards, or when they provide good customer service.

Here are some candidates; please let me know if my definitions or usage is incorrect - it's rare that I pull up a list of words and don't know the definition of half of them, but the "words containing TSA" list frequently had me stumped.

peTSAi - a chinese cabbage (think French - mon petit chouchou)
TSAddiq - a good person (Yiddish)

TSAr / TSArina
floTSAm or jeTSAm
voeTSAk (Afrikaans epithet meaning "worthless")

And for good all-around fun, try something like this: "I went through security at EWR on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and there was no delay whaTSOever!!" ^

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