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New way to deal with TSA giving you lip about a NEXUS card

I had a 3 striper not too long ago screw up and think NEXUS was "no longer on the list." He seemed genuinely dumb to it, but went back to the list and found it. He told me that if I get any guff about it in the future, tell the TDC that its number 7 on the SOP list.

I did just that at ORD, and totally threw the (insult redacted by Moderator) off. He started huffing and puffing about things like "this guy must be DHS or something" and called over a 3 striper, who he mentioned the "number 7" thing to. Unlike most of his colleagues, he instantly told the TDC that the card was certainly valid and actually apologized to me.

This might be a new technique to make sure the rules are followed, addresses protected and delays don't happen

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