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Method to Get 300k SMs at 1.1cpm Using 100% Bonus on Transfers

Please check my math and logic, but, I think the following is one way to use 30k SMs from one account to create 300k SMs in a separate account using an intermediate account (and replacing the original 30k):

Account A --> 30k (or more)
Account B --> any amount
Account C --> any amount

Transfer 300k SMs into Account C @1.1cpm with no net change in Accounts A or B

A transfers 30k to B (+30k Bonus)

B transfers 30k to A (+30k Bonus)
B transfers 15k to A (+15k Bonus) and 15k to C (+15k Bonus)

A transfers 30k to B (+30k Bonus)*See Edit Below.
A transfers 30k to C (+30k Bonus)*See Edit Below.
A transfers 15k to B (+15k Bonus) and 15k to C (+15k Bonus)

B transfers 30k to A (+30k Bonus)*See Edit Below.
B transfers 30k to C (+30k Bonus)*See Edit Below.
B transfers 30k to C (+30k Bonus)

A transfers 30k to C (+30k Bonus)

Account A --> 30k (or more) - same as beginning
Account B --> same as beginning
Account C --> 300k more than beginning

10 transfers @$330.00/transfer for $3,300.00 to gain 300,000 SMs in Account C at 1.1cpm.*See Edit Below.

A few notes:
- The logic problem I ran into is the 150,000 mile limit for transfers from one account to another.
- I think the key to maximizing the limit of 150,000 miles transferred out of one account (assuming no net change to that account) is that you have to transfer 75,000 miles into that account (before the 100% Bonus), which can be done without incurring duplicate $30 fees if one transfers 15,000 miles simultaneously to 2 separate accounts.
- If account "A" has more than 45,000 miles, this method can be shortened (the Account "A" I plan to use has over 90,000 miles and I plan to use only 3 steps to leave Accounts A & B with no net change and my Account C with a 300k SM gain).
- This is a scenario that should work for someone who wants to pay 1.1cpm and has 2 friends/family who are willing to let that person max-out their transfer-out limits for the year.
- FWIW, I contacted SM as to whether "Bonus Miles" count towards one's maximum limit of miles transfer into one's account and was told: "Please be advised the bonus miles earned do not count towards the maximum amount per year a recipient may have transferred into their accounts." So, theoretically, after using friends/family A & B's accounts, the process could be repeated with friends/family X & Y's accounts if someone wanted 600k SMs @ 1.1cpm.

I plan to use this method to get SMs to use for my honeymoon trip next year.

*EDIT: Note that I think one may be able to combine the first 2 transfers under both Step 3 and Step 4 into only 1 transfer each and cut out 2 of the $30 fees to bring the total cost down to $3240 @ 1.08cpm.

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