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Renting Adrenaline Under 25?

Hello everyone, I found this site doing a Google search and I figured I'd post up for some advice. I'm 22 years old and I'm taking a trip out to Los Angeles at the end of September. My friend and I decided we would rent a car for two days so we could do some driving on the Pacific Coast Highway and also see some of the neighboring areas of the city. We decided to go with a convertible (it's Cali, wouldn't you?)

I started looking around the Hertz website before I remembered I have a CDP number. After entering it, the Prestige cars and Adrenaline cars became available for rent -- this seemed odd to me. I called up Hertz and the representative told me she wasn't seeing all of the age restrictions for me. She said I couldn't rent a Prestige vehicle, Challenger or Camaro, but for some reason she could put me in a Mustang GT. When the choice became chancing a Chrysler 200 convertible/Eclipse Spyder or taking a Mustang GT, I forgot the whole convertible idea .

This brings me to my question, what made me eligible for the Mustang GT? Is it a fluke in the system, and I'm going to arrive and be denied the car, or was it something with my CDP number that made me eligible for the Mustang? I've got the reservation all set up, so hopefully I won't have a problem getting the car when I arrive. My CDP number is part of my Cross Country Motor Club membership that I have because of the extended warranty on my personal vehicle, so I find it odd this would make me eligible for a Mustang GT.
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