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AMEX MR refusing to honor matched bonus IDs (even those already notated)

This has been reported in other threads but I feel it is important enough to warrant a new topic in MilesBuzz since this issue affects many here under various AMEX cards / bonus offers. AMEX MR is now refusing to honor bonus points that had previously been notated to accounts. They will now only honor these bumps if you were targeted, ala the imfamous Chase Sapphire extra 50K bump that was taken back.

When I called today to get the 75k bonus points applied for my personal PRG card the MR department refused to honor the 75K bonus ID that had been notated to my account on July 10. They said it was a "rep mistake" to have notated it to my account and that they would ONLY honor the bonus ID if I could prove I was targeted for the offer. Furthermore, instead of extending an olive branch, they told me I would not qualify for *any* sign up bonus since I previously had a gold card. They would not budge, so I asked for the phone number of the executive offices and was given 212 640 2000. After calling that number I was asked what I was calling about and I said it was about a credit card bonus I had been promised for meeting a minimum spend and was being refused. I was then transferred to someone who asked for more details. I told them I had signed up for a PR gold card at the end of June, heard about a (better) 75K signup bonus offer that I might qualify for, called MR on July 10 to see if I could get that bonus ID applied for my card, the MR rep had told me I qualified and my account had been notated with the bonus ID and to call back in 6-8 weeks if the points did not post after meeting the minimum spend, and now after meeting the minimum spend and calling back 6-8 weeks later MR is refusing to honor what they had promised claiming it was a "mistake". The executive office did not give me the same song and dance and immediately applied the points to my account. I would encourage anyone who is getting the run around from the MR department to call the executive office.

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