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Hi Everyone, thanks for your patience. As many of you here have correctly concluded, our recent Month of Miles promotion is a targeted campaign that offers the ability to earn extra miles for completing activities with our non-air partners. Offers were customized based on several factors which is why many of you received different offers.

The promotion has been extremely popular. Because of this, we’ll be extending the promotion into the holiday shopping season (through Dec. 15th). We’ll be sending out an email later today confirming this announcement. At the same time, we’ll also be making a change to the terms and conditions that caps mileage earning at 25,000. For those of you who have already exceeded the mileage cap, your miles are safe. We’ll honor the original terms and conditions of the promotion for all transactions that were completed through yesterday*.
*Updated (9/9): The original terms and conditions will be honored through all transactions complete through midnight, Eastern Standard Time today, September 9th.

Originally Posted by Vaitrucci View Post
Agreed. If we could get an "official" answer to:
1. Is this for unlimited mileage or not?
2. Is there a dining minimum?
Hi Vaitrucci, to answer your specific questions, if you’re under the 25K cap as of today, you can continue earning up to 25K. If you’ve already exceeded 25K, you’ll receive all the miles earned for any transactions to date, but, won’t be eligible to accrue more. As for dining, yes, the minimum transaction of $10 applies to dining as well.

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