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We are flying to orlando, most likely on us airways or continental.

My son has autism, a hidden disability. After reading the FAA document, it says I can request an exemption for a non-approved carseat, but it specifically states "physical diabilities." It also says backless boosters are not allowed to be used during takeoff and landing. So bringing a booster would only give me the benefit of having a smaller carseat to lug and gatecheck (he uses a britax regent currently).

As for the baby's carseat, the document also says children should be restrained in the car seats at all times during the flight. She loathes the car seat, so even if there are open seats available, it seems like I should just gatecheck it so we don't have to listen to a screaming baby in a carseat for 4 hours.

The main exception to all of this would be in the event of a crash, both children would obviously be safer straped into their carseats. I have a ergo-type baby carrier that I can wear on the front, but from what I read in the FAA document, they would not let me wear the baby? I'm confused about that whole section.

So I guess it's a matter of safety vs. convience. But what's the fatality rate in the event of a crash anyway? Is a carseat really going to make a significant difference?

There was also no mention of strollers...
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