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I hope this works...because the top part talks about making a "purchase and paying with card" to earn the points.

I have been using the shopping mall and I didn't get credit from a few merchants. Talk about a NIGHTMARE trying to get credit from those orders. I was transferred all over the place at Chase. Chase at first told me they did not handle this...that is was a 3rd party in charge of giving the points (Cartera). But as I explained to them there was no way to CONTACT anyone but Chase to get this resolved. There were no online forms..just the Chase customer service number.

They had to do research and call me back in about an hour. The way they resolved it was to look to see if I had "charges" from the merchants in question...which I did. They had no way to figure out how I clicked through. So they just gave them to me as a manual credit.

I say this because if this doesn't come through automatically...then there will be no charge on our cards to match it with. So keep detailed notes...
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