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Originally Posted by ontheway View Post
As long as I can go in the afternoon it is fine. I just did not want to lose a whole day of visiting special places because of the holiday. Thus we will join in the celebration and then go sightseeing. thanks
I'm just a tourist like you. Wanted to throw this caveat out there, since my above statement comes across too authoritarian. I'm in no way certain what plans the Italian capital has for their 2012 celebrations - maybe access to the Colosseo/Forum/Palatine will be effected in the afternoon too. I am merely assuming that afternoon access will be granted based on recent years and I should have stated it that way initially. (That's why if this was my 3 day trip with the goals of seeing the Vatican and Colosseum, I'd plan my Vatican day for June 2, but I'm an err-on-the-side-of-caution type person).

Perhaps some of our Italian natives and expats in residence can chime in with more certainty than I have.
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