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Y seating advice


Wondering if anyone could advise me on seats, specifically on NZ1 and NZ19?
To put a bit of context behind it, I'm off on the holiday I've dreamed of since spending my gap year in NZ ten years ago (working and learnt to play rugby, rather than drinking my way around!), thanks to 4000 inheritance. Booked via ebookers rather than AirNZ as it was cheaper - later came to regret this as I had to buy a connecting flight to ZQN separately rather than amending my booking Have also joined Airpoints although may regret not joining BMI Diamond instead - I assume its too late now to change the loyalty programme assigned to my booking? Though I'd love to be flying back to NZ regularly I can't afford to! Booking class is M5/Q5 according to ebookers, but not entirely sure which code applies to which sectors!

I fly LON-RAR (via LAX) dep 18th December NZ1, arr 19th on NZ19 - 3 hr 30 changeover in LAX, hoping to get into the Koru Club for a shower via either paying for a day pass or if I'm super lucky being guested .

Have requested seat 50C on NZ1 as there is no-one in 50B, however 58K is available and there are two middle rows of 4 free at the back. I assumed the extra inch of seat pitch on ABC/HJK seats means its better to go for these? And would I be better off in 50C and hoping no-one takes the middle seat or going for 56K but only sitting next to one person? I'm not the slimmest of ladies (play prop) so would like shoulder/elbow room but am 5'8 tall so should be ok pitch-wise.

NZ19- have taken 25D as the row is free and it seems mostly full.

Fly RAR-AKL 26th Dec (arr 27th 1135) - much quieter flight so have 19K and hope to enjoy views of Rarotonga on departure!
Then connect on different booking 1415 AKL-ZQN - smart saver so no AP$ Assume I won't be able to check baggage through to ZQN in RAR as two different booking codes?

And finally, AKL -LON NZ2 13-14 Jan. Returning a day early as have a rugby match on 15th (stupid or dedicated, depending how you look at it - mostly stupid!). Assigned 43G all the way home as no ABC/HJK available in Y - is it worth trying to stay as far forward as possible or go for 55/56 D or G on currently empty rows?

Was also hoping to sweettalk the Fairy into giving me enough points to request a standby upgrade for one of the legs on NZ2 - from what I can work out I'll have somewhere between 90 and 145 AP$ before I return (and between 155 and 250 when I get back to London ) - can anyone do a better calculation than me? And is it even worth trying for a standby as a Jade (as I'm pretty sure the fairy isn't going to dish out the hundreds required for a confirmed upgrade!)?

Sorry this is so long and thanks for any help
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