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Originally Posted by escog View Post
My $50 pending charge for the Southwest Gift Certificate just disappeared from the pending queue, but didn't show up in the charges. It just disappeared. Made the charge on 8/19 and it disappeared this morning on 8/28.

I'm going to take this as a good sign on blind faith, and get $150 more in gift cards.
FYI, I bought a $75 dollar SW gift card end of July and it did the same thing; sat in pending for about a week then disappeared. However, it did reappear a couple weeks(ish) later as a confirmed charge. I did get a $75 reversal at the same time.

So mid August, I did another $75 and a $50. Same thing, sat in pending then disappeared. Except this time, when it did reappear in confirmed charges, I did NOT get the reversal. Looks exactly like the reversed charge, except these didn't get reversed.

The takeaway is these charges are not gone or lost...just in limbo for around 10-14 days. And apparently YMMV (even my mileage varied) when it comes to getting the reversal.
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