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Originally Posted by thegasguru View Post
OK, I'm not familiar with dd-wrt. I'm assuming it allows a vpn that can tunnel thru any corporate IT dept web site blocking and user traffic snooping.
Yes, provided that your IT department doesn't firewall VPN clients.

But what IP address does it show?
The one where your VPN server is located, i.e. your home LAN.

Where does it geo-locate?
Same. As far as anything you reach on the Internet, you're working from home.

I'm assuming that it gives the same IP address every time - which doesn't really cloak your identity that well.
Sure. I thought the idea here was to make a service think that you're within the U.S. This isn't about cloaking identities -- for that, you need an anonymizer service.

Please correct me if I'm ignorant here. Also - if a dd-wrt based vpn can only geo-locate you to where your home router is, then I would consider it an advantage that some of the commercial vpn services can provide geo-located IP addresses in various other countries. As I mentioned earlier, Astrill allows you to change servers/countries on the fly.
It depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to disguise your identity, a home-based VPN isn't the solution. If you want the internet services to which you connect to think that you're connecting from home, rather than somewhere else, e.g. overseas, than that is how to do it.

Of course, as garyschmitt points out, that also means that your IP address can be identified on a database as being owned by a commercial entity. For my purposes, that hasn't yet posed a problem.[/QUOTE]
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