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Originally Posted by EmoryFlyer View Post
After reading that Southwest gift cards would work, I designated Southwest as my airline choice for the benefit, waited 3 days, then bought a $100 e-gift card to test it out. I noticed the charge in my "pending charges" area and thought nothing of it. It remained in "pending" for about a week then just dropped off. When I review the other charges on my account, I don't see the southwest charge anywhere...neither the initial $100 charge, nor the $100 credit back. I repeated the same thing again more recently, bought another $100 e-gift card and experienced the same thing again (in "pending" for about a week, then it dropped off, actual charge nowhere to be seen).

I just made a dummy booking on to make sure the e-gift card numbers that were sent my way were valid, and indeed, each one is loaded with $100 of value.

Has anyone experienced this? Seems very strange...
Even better than the $200 annual travel benefit.
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