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Originally Posted by mbstone View Post
We received an email from JetBlue refusing to refund the unauthorized and illegally collected tax on our ticket. They claim "IRS already has the money" and we need to go file a claim with the IRS. This is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable. First of all JetBlue had no legal authority to collect this tax. Second, if JetBlue really wanted pax to file claims with the IRS, they would issue an IRS Form W-2 or whatever. JetBlue has provided no information as to how one is supposed to go about filing with the IRS for this money.
So how do you feel now that it is clear that B6 did exactly what they were supposed to instead of a) having no authority to collect the tax, and b) it was neither outrageous nor unacceptable?

Is a public appology in order?
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