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Just had a very lengthy convo with a SPG American Express agent in Florida. She was investigating a missing referral bonus that I should have received a few months ago.

She was asking my thoughts on the SPG Amex and I told her that I did not like the extra fee for using the card internationally. She went on to tell me that there is a gift card that is not widely publicized that can be funded with my SPG Amex and will not be considered a cash equivalent purchase.

Went on to tell me about how it can also be used once a month to withdraw loaded funds out by ATM fee-free; the maximum amount allowed for withdraw is higher than the pre-paid gift card listed on Amex's website. She will be sending me more information.

Unlike some people who jump thread to thread only to tease others and provide color commentary. I'm actually actively looking for new deals and providing information. The way it should be on here!

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