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Originally Posted by avidflyer View Post
Lol. Plenty of people will tell you they would rather be home with the family but continue with a career that will keep them AWAY for 300 days a year. If you are flying 200k-500k miles a year you are CHOSING work over family. I am one of those but at least am honest about it. I like the $$$$ and I like the lifestyle. I did NOT want to lose my family but realized too late that I was making a conscious decision to continue with this career. Most find out that it was a choice when it is too late.

Would I change things if I could bet. At this point in my life would I change careers and settle down? Honestly; No. Once again I will say to you: Not everyone thinks like you and you should stop imposing what you think is "right" and be a little more tolerant. NY is a state filled with people who claim to be tolerant right?

This is way to friggen heavy 7 am.
Looks like a reality show with DR DREW for psychological analysis.

Looks like some folks needs them some Biscoff right now!
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