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I flew U2 back JMK-LGW a few weeks ago. I said: NEVER AGAIN! It was a horrid experience, not so much the flight itself as the 2.5hrs of queuing including 1.5hrs for check in. AND I had speedy boarding to supposedlly ease the process!

My recommendation would be to stick with A3 all the way unless you need the BA tier points. They have a very nice product, new, clean airplanes, great food and service and they have in-flight movies (at least in business, I think also in economy) and if anything goes wrong you're at least on the same airline. And *A miles if you collect those.

Hands down the most civilised option and they have great z-fares to boot if you can get them. The domestic leg will be in economy but it's only 20 mins flying (during which they offer you a drink and cookie! At any rate, i believe A3 offer the only through fares to JMK in either economy or business (unless you use exorbitant Iata fares).

NB: AFAIK, all the other flights to Europe are operated by charter carriers, or by scheduled carriers on a chartered basis. The ZRH flights for instance are operated by Edelweis. Not sure what that means but just good to keep in mind.

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