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Business Credit Card Question for Sole Proprietorship

I've read a lot and haven't been able to find the explicit answer to this question. I am sure it is an easy answer, but have yet to find the explicit answer. I am a freelancer and am going to open a sole proprietorship, business checking account etc. I will be using my SSN# for my relevant applications. Thanks in advance for any clarity.

My basic question is:

1) Do issuers view business credit card applications for a sole proprietorship the same as personal cards?
2) And thus, for purpose of the my personal card churn, should I stagger business credit card applications within own personal applications? For
3) Will my "business credit profile" ever be created if I go this route?

For example for inquiries: Business cards I realize often result in a "soft pull" of credit, and not a "hard pull". However, when an issuer is viewing a business card application, will they look at the number of personal inquiries a person has? E.G., if I have 50 inquiries in past 3 months, but only for personal cards, will I automatically be dinged for a business card? I imagine this to be the case... [But on the flip side.. if the business inquiries indeed will not show up on my credit report... should I just max my business inquiries ad nauseum since there is no fall-out from doing so? (aside from not getting the card and reapplying with the given issuer).]
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